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Robinson R22 Helicopter Simulator

Robinson R22 Helicopter Simulator

HSL will scratch build your Robinson type simulator to the highest levels of quality and performance. HSL can also build your simulator using a real aircraft shell if available – We currently have a selection of Robinson R22 shells and an R44 shell available for conversion in helicopter flight simulators.

If you have your own aircraft shell we will assist you to integrate our instruments and controllers into your project to ensure a professional finish to your project.

The R22 is one of the most popular choices for helicopter flying training. Our HSL-1 Simulators have been designed, developed and manufactured to provide the best static Robinson R22 type simulation experience available. Our simulators have unique dual controls and bespoke software and can be custom built to client specification.

With low hourly rates, the cost savings over real world flight training and lessons are considerable.

Furthermore, with the cost of aviation fuel rising, using one of our simulators is a great way to save money and save the environment whilst developing piloting skills.

The advantages of using simulators to enhance training are well known to the commercial and military aviation industry; our customised helicopter simulators will allow rehearsal and practice of most of the exercises required for the Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) or Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter). Additionally, simulation of other air traffic at global locations and airports with variable weather conditions significantly alleviate the potential hazards of real world helicopter flying training, licence renewal and currency.

Moreover, pilot safety can be greatly improved by using one of our simulators, with post flight analysis and real time Air Traffic Control as well as engine, systems and instruments failures.





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