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Gauges / Instruments


Car simulator gauges

Simulator Gauge

flight simulator hardware

Multi pointer instruments

Flight Simulator Instrument gauge

Side view of flight simulator instrument

Robinson Helicopter instruments

Rear view of Master Gauge

Flight instruments. Standby instruments

Precsion gauges, Thin profile high perfoamce gauges

Flight simulator vehicle simulation

High performance microchip based controller and interfaces


Helicopter Simulators “PRO SERIES” Master Gauges

Our MASTER GAUGES provide the simulator designer with a versatile high performance quality instrument. Designed from the outset for use in a wide range of simulators and indicating systems. Each MASTER GAUGE can directly drive a maximum of three SLAVE GAUGES. The MASTER GAUGE is easily interfaced with most microcontroller cards. We provide a range of interface devices including USB and ETHENET controllers
These gauges will also fit inside the SIMKITS gauge cases.

Supply 5V DC
Direction Control TTL 5V
Stepping frequency TTL 5V 7.2KHz MAX (600°/S)
PCB Diameter 76mm