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HSL Update, Simulator storage

As well as manufacturing high quality flight simulator instruments we can now offer:

Scratch building of bespoke simulators.

Simulator refurbishment.

Dry storage for cockpit sections or complete aircraft, alternatively we can now store your simulator in a working state.

Please contact me for more information.

Another R22 simulator completed and delivered to customer !!

Completed R22 refurbished and just prior to delivery.



The customer required a high performance helicopter simulator for use by it’s corporate clients around the Globe.


We can custom build or refurbish aircraft flight simulators for your specific needs. If you are planning or considering a corporate or private event then contact us for details we have a wide range of facilities available for your use. Please follow this link for more details.



USB X-Plane and MS Flight Sim Simulator Instruments

2nd Generation USB gauges in BETA

BETA tests of our 2nd generation gauges show exceptional performance over their predecessors.  The new gauges  feature our “QWIS” quantitative warning indicating system and a high contrast backlit design providing  high visual clarity and easily readable legends. HSL can manufacture custom instruments for replicating any gauge or instrument. Please contact us at for details.

Another R22 Refit

N341ZG arrives at Helicopter Simulators for refitHelicopter Simulators Ltd has again been awarded yet another
R22 refit contract. This R22 shell is to be refitted with our market leading
PRO gauges and fully backlit instrument and radio set. Delivery to our prestigious
client is scheduled for February 2012. This shell has been shipped to our
simulator processing facility in heart of England. This R22 originally flying
in USA registered as N341ZG.

Helicopter Simulators specialises in high quality professional
Robinson R22 R44 or R66 simulators. We can provide custom solutions for just
about type of simulator device including refits, upgrades and simulator



HSL is proud to announce the launch of the QWIS – QUANTATIVE WARNING INDICATING SYSTEM.

This system is easily retrospectively fitted to our PRO MASTER AND PRO SLAVE gauges. Building on our outstanding back-lit gauges the use of colour-changing pointers increases the training benefits and adds many features not available from any other simulator system. When a value is reaching a critical or specific status the pointer can be made to flash or illuminate in any colour.

We will be happy to provide a custom solution for your particular SIMPIT or simulator system.



Just released are our “PRO” series of instruments and gauges, precision engineered and specifically designed to cater for the most discerning and demanding simulator builders and manufacturers. Please use our contact form for further details.

Our PRO series gauges offer exceptional performance and clarity in ether daylight, reduced light and even total darkness. These dimmable backlight displays use the latest lighting technologies to produce the most versatile simulator gauges available.

Whatever your simulator gauge or instrument requirement Helicopter Simulators can provide a solution for you. We will also provide custom solutions for you.

G-CCHZ Robinson R22 Cabin arrives at HSL’s simulator processing facility

This is the cabin section of Robinson helicopter R22 registration G-CCHZ. Just arriving and being transferred to the simulator processing facility at HSL on the 24th May 2011. This will be the fisrt of two refits and conversions for this customer.

Robinson R22 simulator

Robinson helicopter going into the SPF


12/05/2011 HSL wins contract to refit and upgrade the Robinson R22 simulators operated by a leading global events equipment hire company. The Refits will take place at our new simulator processing facility based in the heart of England . HSL’s winning bid firmly places the company’s range of high performance instruments and gauges into the top flight of professional simulator equipment.

USB Gauges / Instruments

The HSL VSI, USB gauge with X-Plane!

This video clip demonstrates the HSL MK1VSI connected via USB to a PC running X-Plane. Utube and the internet sometimes cause the video to not replay very smoothly, our pointers and movements are high resolution and extremely accurate.

Air Speed Indicator

Robinson R22 Type ASI undergoing basic tests