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Helicopter Simulators Ltd


HELICOPTER SIMULATORS LIMITED is a new, dynamic and innovative company specialising in light helicopter flight simulation. HSL designs and manufactures unique custom-built flight simulators for flying schools, military, police, training pilots, individual enthusiasts and entertainment. 


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The remarkable HSL-1 Helicopter Simulator provides the best static Robinson R22/R44 type experience available. We offer lease or purchase options on unrivalled, affordable, dual-controlled light helicopter simulators Our simulators provide


R22 Robinson Helicopter SImulator R66 R44 BELL HUEY

Simulator Emergency Training

Emergency Training Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopters
  • Partial panel
  • (vacuum system)
  • System failures
  • (clutch, tail-rotor, etc)
  • Power loss and engine failure
  • Instrument failures
  • Navigation aid failures
  • Communication system failures

Simulator Practice

Practice Main Instrument Panel Robinson R22 Helicopter

  • Flight manoeuvres
  • VOR tracking –
  • (intercepting and tracking)
  • Standard and non-standard holds
  • Developing good scan habits
  • Approaches:-
  • Full and radar vectored
  • Precision
  • Non-precision –
  • (VOR, NDB)
  • GPS
  • Radar assisted

Simulator Training Benefits

Training Benefits JAR-FCL Commercial Pilots Licence (Helicopter)
  • Cost reduction
  • All weather flying
  • Post flight analysis
  • Improved flight safety

Utilising our helicopter simulator can help considerably reduce the cost of flight training. Low hourly rates in our helicopter simulator are a significant safer alternative to expensive real flight hours. Costs are further reduced by increased efficiency for a wide range of complex tasks. Potentially hazardous scenarios as well as the routine such as time consuming real world site reconnaissance or basic flying and hovering familiarisation. All these can be accomplished in your own time in our helicopter simulator.

Moreover, with operating costs rising in all areas of aviation, using our simulators gives individuals and flight training schools the opportunity to reduce flight training costs in an ecologically friendly and safe environment.

We manufacture your helicopter simulator to order and will happily accommodate any special requirements.

Telephone: 0796 710 2734

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